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A royal chateau
20 kilometres southwest of Paris, but well worth the visit. The court of Versailles was the centre of political power in France, a stunning building where hours can be spent roaming around.


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      Great Palace in the Metro Paris Area
      A must when in Paris, you can take the metro to Versailles. This is truly a magnificent palace. once home to Louis XIV, Marie-Antoinette, construction was over many differnet periods of times. The hall of Mirrors is impressive. The gardens are very beautiful. Its estimated that the cost to build Versailles in todays dollars is around 2 Billion, somehow I don't think that comes close, when you look at the massive scale of it, the meticulous care given its hard to imagine its not massive in cost. Resorts in Vegas cost that much and Versailles is grander on a scale Vegas has never seen. This is all from a Lady who said let them eat cake.. See where all the money went? Definitely check out the web link, there is just too much information too post here, much of which you would want to read since it gives great details that will make your visit easier.