SPYCE Formerly: Mixer Bar

84% love it
Deluxe DJs
The DJs play thumping house music from a small balcony. Spyce is an intimate space with a popping club vibe.


    • angelByDay
      angelByDay Over a year ago

      Fun and Friendly Dance Bar
      Even on a Monday night when much of the city is closed, this bar was lively with good music and a fun vibe.

    • BklynFella
      BklynFella Over a year ago
      Hates it

      SPYCE is rather BLAND
      It's got activity going on outside to draw you into the smallest club I've ever been in with NO eye candy at all! This stop on a Friday night was brief! It did nothing for me. The music was ok. I'll pass next time!! Don't believe the hype!!!

    • rusoral
      rusoral Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Unprofessional doorman
      Unfortunately, I cannot rate the club itself, because I was refused entry. The doorman had an attitude and outright lied to me that the place was closed for a private party. The club was crowded and I somehow doubted that it could be a private party, because there was absolutely no indication on their website nor display outside confirming that. Even one of his coworkers said to him "You are a b***h" as I was leaving. Who do these people think they are? We should support all members of the gay community as we face daily discrimination around the world, not to degrade one another based on personal physical preferences. Shame on him.

    • KareemMcJagger
      KareemMcJagger Over a year ago

      Terrible vodka selection! Americans: just go for wine!