Club L'Insolite

86% love it
Serving up '80s diva realness...still
This drag club and fun-haven is "tres gay" in gay Paris. Check out the disco drag shows that have been its trademark since inception in 1983.


Upcoming Events at Club L'Insolite

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      OlivierB Over a year ago
      Hates it

      what a dissapointment , i used to go a few years ago in this once amazing entertaining place , first of all the usic is the same one u hear on the radio everyday , barely no more70s 80s tracks , but the worse is when u ask the so called Dj , for some tracks he hts² the roof as he said people asked for music all night long which i replied that it s normal and he should be proud of his job and a bit more passionate to make customers happy, but he told me off in an extremely rude manner , and the worse his when i tried to chat to the owner he refused to listen to more comments, it s just a waste , a lengendary place is dead.....just one advice, hange the manners and the music it s urgent or good luck!!!!!

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      moereese Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Dance Dance Dance
      In Paris for four days, looking for a place to get sweaty, went to Club 18 (not danceable) but followed the crowd here...THANK GOD! I didn't want to leave at 5AM. Everyone was freindly and wall flowers here. Found it late but am I thankful.