Krash Bar Formerly: QG Bar

86% love it
Paris unhinged and unrepressed
Fetish and sleaze on two floors in the Marais, with a manly emphasis on the cavernous, tunnel-like dark and dirty basement. Opened in 2010 to offer service and servicing for sex men into rubber, leather, skins, sportswear, naked and suits. Check website for themed nights. Metros: Rambuteau and Hôtel de Ville.


    • gillesderais
      gillesderais Over a year ago
      Hates it

      J'y suis passé un jeudi soir pour le Total Black... Peu de monde, la cave est petite, ça sent mauvais et il n'y a pas vraiment de place confortable pour baiser... Le barman est neutre, ni sympa, ni antipathique. Les gens sont habillés pour descendre... C'est un peu glauque, pour tout dire... Le même soir, je suis passé au Bunker et à l'Impact, bien mieux à tous points de vue...

    • peteajr
      peteajr Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun place, good time had by all
      Ring the doorbell and the fun begins. The bar itself isn't large but the bar isn't the mainatrractin. Get a drink check your coat watch some porn then head downstairs. Dark but not too dark. Men in various states of undress but not too crowded. Enough group action to keep it interesting. Participate or watch; no attitude here. I would definitely go back. (A cautionary note: whenever you're in a place like this be protective of your valuables. I put my wallet in my sock. And had no problems. Just use your common sense. ) Krash is also reviewed in the bathhouse section.

    • BklynFella
      BklynFella Over a year ago

      Great staff
      Friendly staff! If you're not high brow about you're places to cruise then you'll be fine! The downstairs could use a little air fresher for the smell of sex in the air but a fair mix of hot and definitely not. And you can always stay upstairs if that's not your thing.

    • nic75011
      nic75011 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice Cruising Bar / Sex club in le Marais
      I go quite regularly at Krash. This is both a real bar on the ground floor and the basement is there for those who want something more kinky. Servers and clientele are cool and very easy. Good atmosphere The place is pretty clean (especially the top) for this type of bar and the prices of drinks are like in the other bars in the neighborhood. I recommend the SUIT &TIE parties once a month and BLACK OUT evenings are really super hot.

    • hole75
      hole75 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Hot & Friendly
      A very nice club open all night. the staff is always friendly and the atmosphere in the basement is very sex. Very crowded on Saturday afternoon for the weekly naked party.