IDM Sauna

80% love it
Paris is burning up!
This space features 40 themed rooms, glory hole booths, sauna, work-out room and a lounge. Every place you've ever dreamed of getting it on with a French boy.


    • TurkishDelight
      TurkishDelight Over a year ago

      Nice but to OLD MAN.

    • LunaDeScorpio
      LunaDeScorpio Over a year ago
      Hates it

      waste of €21
      hmm how to be dissy without being pissy. place is very nice, but easy going is not the clientele. i've been to stand and model bars i guess walk and model would describe the guys (and gurlz) that go there, was in a room where i could here the constant walking of people on a sunday afternoon. if u r going to get laid, don't count on it…..

    • sjors
      sjors Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Went there on a Friday afternoon not expecting much, but was I in for a surprise. It was 'naked' theme, no towels around your waist. Just naked hung men! Had an amazing time.

    • vintagemodel
      vintagemodel Over a year ago
      Loves it

      HOT and FUN!
      IDM is a very fun place. There are neither many Tarzans nor Janes in this jungle, but it's home to hot guys mostly between 30 and 60. IDM is the home of the trim and trimmed--not many (but a few) bears. The 'promenade' deck is very entertaining and busy...something for almost everyone. Lots of cabins...and many with a view of hot guys. The decks above are also very interesting and active; although some areas are very dark and treacherous. Some areas are architecturally stunning, while there were a few electric nightmares. The dry and steam saunas are great, as is the HUGE hot tub. My only complaint was luke-warm showers that went cooler and cooler.

    • sobefunfuck
      sobefunfuck Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Don't bother...
      An altogether disappointing experience. The front desk clerk was bitchy and inhospitable. The facility itself is as old and tired as were most of the clientele. And the price was more expensive than the larger, better situated and more modern saunas of Paris. Do yourself a favor and skip this place.

    • Calami
      Calami Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Am I too old?
      Went there several years ago. They looked at my gray hair and said that I would need a doctor's report on my health. I got the hint that they did not want anyone as old as I. Oh well, there is always Euro Men's Club where I have had a great time several times.

    • coursdesir
      coursdesir Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great bath house
      This is one of my favourite bath houses in Paris. It is big, mostly full, there are great saunas and steam rooms (hammams). The crew is very nice and there are always good looking, interesting guys. The crowd is mixed: all ages and types. They even have a smoking area which is a dream for Parisians and others.